A Introdution to General Charles XII

was the King of Sweden who won a major victory over a Russian army some four times the size. In Evony, Charles XII is a General who can be awakened by Ascending and is suitable to lead ranged troops to attack. To understand Charles XII deeply, we will introduce the Story, , and of Charles XII, as well as the way to get him. Further, we will give advice about how to match the and Assistant General using Charles XII.

The story of Charles XII

In the winter of 1700, Charles XII positioned his 8,000 men opposite the besieging Russian army of about 34,000 troops.
By afternoon the Swedes had moved forward. At that moment it got colder, the wind changed, and the snowstorm blew directly into the eyes of the Russians. Charles saw his opportunity and advanced on the Russian army under cover of the weather. The Swedes attacked inexperienced Russian regiments and crumbled them one by one. Masses of panicking Russian troops rushed to the only bridge over the Narova River. At one crucial point, the bridge collapsed under retreating Russian troops.
Charles XII was an exceptionally skilled military leader and tactician and the Battle of Narva was one of Sweden's greatest military triumphs.

The Special Skill of Charles XII

Great Northern War:
Increases ranged troops' attacks by 40% and increase the and ranged troops' and siege machines' defense by 10% when the General is leading the army to attack.
As an Awakened General, the star of Charles XII's Special Skill will be increased with his Ascending. Each star of Special Skill has its own attribute, and the details will be shown in the following picture.
The Special Skill of Charles XII
The Special Skill of Charles XII

The Specialty of Charles XII (Max Level Attributes)

  • Ranged Troop Formation: Ranged Troop Attack & Defense +10%
  • Bash: Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Ranged Troop Ares: Ranged Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Battle of Narva: Attacking Siege Machine and Ranged Troop Attack +35%; Marching Ranged Troop Defense & HP +10%

The way to get Charles XII

  1. Epic Historic General Premium
  2. Historic General Summoning
The most likely way to get Charles XII is to buy 5th-tier Valentine Packages.
Evony opened the Valentine Packages during Valentine's Day Event from February 3rd to 15th. Among them, the 5th-tier Valentine Package contains Epic Historic General Premium and Epic Historic General Glory.
Players have a probability of receiving Charles XII by unlocking Epic Historic General Premium. Also, players can summon General Charles XII with Epic Historic General Glory during the Historic General Summoning event with a high probability.
During the event, Evony increased the probability of the new General Charles XII being acquired in the Epic Historic General Premium. And they set an upper limit at the Historic General Summoning event — if you fail to summon Charles XII five times in a row, you must receive it the next time.
Get General Charles XII in Evony
Get General Charles XII in Evony

The best Main and Assistant General combination of Charles XII

In terms of attack, defense, and HP, we think the strongest combination is Charles XII as and Elektra as Assistant General. However, some players have already developed General Elektra, and it will cause waste to change the Main General. In this case, you can keep Elektra as Main General and choose Charles XII to be Assistant General. This combination will have a higher attack but lower defense and HP. So, we recommend players who can ignore the waste of developing other ranged troops' Generals change their Ranged Troops' General combinations.

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