Evony: A Strategy Game that is Award-Worthy

, a strategy game developed by , recently won the Samsung Galaxy Store 2022 Best award. This award is given to recognize the best-performing apps of the year and is a testament to Samsung's recognition of Evony. With over 150 million downloads on IOS and Android platforms, Evony has been a success story in the . The publisher Top Games Inc. has also been in the top 10 grossing US game companies charts several times.

Evony Won Samsung Galaxy Store 2022 Best MMO award
Evony Won

The success of Evony can be attributed to its sophisticated challenges that draw on historical events for inspiration and place them in a fun fantasy setting. The lifelike characters, inventive storylines, and multiple layers of varied gameplay have kept players coming back for more. Players are able to choose from seven civilizations including Chinese, American, and European. After entering the game, players can communicate with other players from around the world without any obstacles, which is attributed to Evony's automatic real-time translation system.

Players also get to experiment with new roles such as Prince, Scholar, Vagrant; Regent, Earl, or Knight. All of which capture the essence of these positions as close to real life as possible. Additionally, new puzzles are continuously introduced to keep things fresh along with new scenes and scenarios added regularly into the game.

, the CEO of Top Games Inc., thanked Samsung for Evony's award saying “It's an incredible honor for us at Top Games Inc., our players, and our development team who worked so hard this past year.” He went on further explain why he thinks Evony is successful: “We design games from the player's perspective. Noting that players make many friends and live out portions of their lives in games, we aimed to create the best gaming experience possible and cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience.”

Guo sees a bright future ahead for his company: “Our goal for 2022 is to have all our titles in the top 100 top-grossing apps in their specific genres while maintaining a high 4.5-star rating,” he said. “We also want to keep our market diversified and achieve our goal of reaching the top three downloads in other countries besides the US.” To achieve this goal, he plans on recruiting more talented people this year while listening closely to player suggestions by adding more material content to their games.

Evony's success story demonstrates how dedication towards creating an enjoyable can lead to great such as being recognized by big companies like Samsung Galaxy Store Awards 2022 Best MMO Award winner – Evony! With David Guo's ambitious plans for 2022 already underway, it will be interesting to see if he takes his company next!

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