How to get enough Stamina in Evony

The Stamina cost of Evony is very high. Attacking monsters, gathering Gem, exploring Relic, visiting, and so on all cost Stamina. But if you want to grow fast, this kind of consumption is inevitable. Finding ways to gain more Stamina is something players have to consider. This article will explain the importance of Stamina and the various ways to obtain it so that players can achieve rapid development.

The importance of Stamina

Attacking Lv16 Jormungandr and Lv17 Typhon will cost 50 Stamina; attacking Lv13 Fafnir, Lv14 Behemoth, and Lv15 Phoenix will cost 40 Stamina; attacking Lv12 Kamaitachi and Lv11 Ifrit will cost 35 Stamina and 30 Stamina respectively.
Attacking some high-level event bosses may cost 40 to 45 Stamina.
Even attacking common monsters will consume 6 Stamina.
Summon Viking will consume 5 Stamina every time.
Claim rewards on the map, visit event NPC will also use Stamina. And the more rewards you claim, the higher the level of the NPC, and the more Stamina you will lose.
However, if you want to develop your city, you have to go through all of these things.

The way to get Stamina

  1. Purchase Packages——festival event packages, Gem packages (Super Gem Deal), Materials packages (Materials Sale), City Development packages, and Monthly packages.
  2. Buy Stamina in the Store – Items – War – 50 Stamina per 200 Gem
  3. Alliance Shop – There is a chance to see 10,50,100 Stamina in Alliance Shop when the shop is in the Daily Sale:
    • 30,000 Alliance Points can redeem 10 Stamina *1;
    • 50,000 Alliance Points can redeem 50 Stamina *1;
    • 100,000 Alliance Points can redeem 100 Stamina *1;
    • Players can receive Alliance Honor and Alliance Points from Alliance Donation and Monster Killing. 【Players can keep their Alliance Points when quitting an Alliance, but the Alliance Honor will be reset to zero.】
  4. Auction House Event
  5. Super Sale Package (You will get 100 Stamina up to 30.)
  6. Tavern – will supply 25 Stamina three times every day.
  7. Black Market. There is a chance to refresh to get Stamina in the Black Market.
  1. Monarch Competition (The rewards of some stage may include Stamina.)
  2. Some redeem events. For example, in Tactics Researching, each Score can redeem one 50 Stamina and the maximum is 10 times.
  3. Super Monthly Card. The Daily rewards of the Gold Monthly Card contain one 100 Stamina.
  4. Limited Offer. In the Free Daily Package, there is five 10 Stamina. In the first tier of the Monthly Package, there is fifteen 100 Stamina; the second tier of this package has twenty 100 Stamina; the third tier has thirty 100 Stamina; and the fourth tier has fifty 100 Stamina.
  5. Wheel of Fortune (You can find it in the Tavern.)
  6. King’s Path. Finish all tasks on Day 3 in the Unstoppable you will get a large amount of Stamina for free. And there is also a lot of Stamina in the package on the progress bar. The more packages you get, the more Stamina you will get.
  1. Shining Treasure, The Silk Road, Tea Culture, Precious Vegetation, Eagle of Freedom, Strong Drink, and Fragrance. You can get special items by doing tasks and use the items to redeem Stamina.
  2. Consuming Return Event. During festival events, consuming Gem and Resources (Food, Lumber, Stone, and Ore) in the Consuming Return Event will claim a large amount of Stamina.
  3. Legion Hunting. Finishing corresponding tasks will get Stamina.
  4. Garuda Trial. Alliance defeats Junior Garuda & Senior Garuda enough times to earn Stamina.
  5. Art Hall – Exhibition Hall – Stringed Instrument Hall – Complete collection progress to gain Stamina.
  6. Crazy Eggs – James Bowie Egg Rewards
  7. Dwarf’s Lucky Apple – Lucky Apple Blessing. There is a chance to get Stamina. The Blessing apple is awarded once for every five Wishing Coins you spend. Wishing coins can be earned by Gathering Resources and killing Monsters during the event.
  8. Lucky composing (There’s some probability of getting Stamina.)

In conclusion, the demand for Stamina in Evony is always a problem because of the large consumption. In this article, we have listed as many ways players can get Stamina in Evony now as possible. As the game continues to be updated, it may change later. Further studies will be provided in the future.

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