Top Games Inc. is ranked #13 top-grossing businesse in US

According to the July report, is ranked #13 on a list of the top-grossing businesses in the United States on both Google Play and Apple App Stores.

In the mid-2010s, CEO could see that were no longer limited to desktops. More and more people were beginning to enjoy them on their mobile devices. Top Games offered a calibrated platform where players could enjoy lifelike images without the lag.

David Guo has a strong passion for technology and Online Gaming. He started his career by creating multimedia management software. Later, David developed firewall software for use in cybersecurity-related applications.

In 2009, David Guo realized that many gaming companies are not very focused on user experience. That is why he decided to join Top Games Inc. David Guo devoted totally all of his energies to the video game industry after gaining his degree in physics.

David Guo leads the team at the beginning of the project, he has insightful direction and the team has proactive execution. The team tests products or services over and over again to implement the best option and to scale up as quickly as possible. and strive to constantly improve the game experience.

This industry foresight, and focus on the value-driven of user experience, greatly promoted 's success. Evony proved to be beneficial for its popularity and, ultimately, its annual revenue.

The breakout success of Evony

Evony The King's Return is an Epic Real-Time War- Strategy that starts its storyline from the selection of civilizations, and players can draw expertise from legendary to expand their kingdom.

In Evony, There are 7 civilizations from which to choose,

  • American
  • Chinese
  • European
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Arabia
  • Japanese

Once gamers have settled on a character and timeline, they can meet up with fellow gamers — many of whom live all over the world. The auto-translation capabilities combined with voice and text communication make it possible to really learn about other people, even if they don't speak the same language.

The players in Evony have the chance of being a warlord or a diplomat. They could be a monarch or an elected governor.

This type of role-playing is critical to nearly all gaming experiences, but Evony manages to capture the essence of these positions, so it's as close to the real thing as possible.

Shining decision—Puzzles

Evony-The King's Return is both an entertaining puzzle game and a full-scale strategy game where players can enjoy puzzles with pull-out pins and other engaging features. The puzzles are not only mini-games-within-a-game, but they are also a substantial part of the content of this unique and popular title.

Top players are always seeking new and complex challenges. These brain burners keep things fresh, as do the new scenes and scenarios added to the game.

The Growth of Top Games Inc.

Top Games Inc. is a global with releases available in more than 150 countries and 26 languages. Since its founding in 2015, As an independent mobile app game developer, Top Games Inc. pays particular attention to what players think about the details of the game and takes it seriously. and found that players like to see themselves represented on screen. The more the developers prioritized local features, the more players wanted to come back to the game. it's a chance for people to feel fully immersed in something that feels familiar before they're ready to set off into an uncharted domain.

Top Games Inc. has more than one hundred million players around the world.  TGI's titles have consistently ranked on the top downloaded and highest-grossing lists through both Apple and Google. The Top Games research and development team consistently looks for new ways to engage and surprise gaming fans and the company's upcoming titles include Region of Dragon and Mafia Origins.

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