Evony brings home the bacon with the NYX Silver Award!

The 2022 Season 1 has received over 500 game entry submissions from over 30 countries worldwide. These countries included the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Poland, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland, Japan, Sweden, and Denmark, to name a few. : The King's Return, was one of the few that emerged victoriously, bringing home the bacon with the NYX Silver Award!


“It is a great honor to receive this award! My team and I are so excited about this news. We will immediately share this news through social media profiles like Twitter and Facebook. We are so thankful for our lovely players and our developer teams. Without their ongoing support, we couldn't have made it through all these challenges or have achieved such an amazing level of success.” said.

“We will continue to upgrade and improve our winning game, Evony, in the future. In the meantime, we have recently launched our new game, Infinity Clan, and hope you guys like and support our new product.” David Guo added.

In the field of MMO mobile war strategy games, the popular game Evony has drawn millions of players worldwide since its release for its sophisticated feature design and immersive user-friendly experience.

The developer is known for its sophisticated challenges that draw on historical events for inspiration and place them in a fun fantasy setting. In a successful Super Bowl ad for Evony's 4th installment, called The King's Return, Top Games featured a variety of historical figures (including King Arthur and Empress Wu played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Fan Bing Bing) to invite players to try their hand at war strategy and celebrate cultural diversity.

Top Games Inc. plans to continue building on its popular catalog by releasing exciting titles with top-requested features, including , , and real-time strategy play throughout this year. Currently, we're looking to release three new titles in the coming year.

Under the competitive market of mobile games, only by constantly predicting the trend of industry innovation, capturing the opportunity of R&D direction, being bold to challenge, down-to-earth with user experience as the starting point, will win the recognition and preference of the industry and players.
As a developer, it is clear that in the future, David Guo will lead a professional development team, and will continue to participate in this “competitive” gaming, not only focusing on strategy games but also continuing to explore new types of games, to bring more entertainment to players.


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