Yaoqi Guo Played a Crucial Role in Evony’s Growth

The mobile , which serves as a key indicator of technological progress and growing consumer engagement, is experiencing notable growth. It is forecasted to reach a global market value of approximately $32.56 billion by 2027, as per Statista's data. This increase is not just a fleeting surge in popularity, but rather it highlights the enduring and evolving nature of . With its wide appeal across various demographics, the industry is poised for sustained growth and relevance.

Yaoqi Guo Played a Crucial Role in Evony's Growth

A prominent figure in this sector is , also known as , the CEO of (TGI). His significant contributions, particularly through the development of “: The King's Return,” have played a crucial role in this growth. Under Mr. Guo's guidance, “Evony” has become a standout game, showcasing the creative potential and widespread appeal of mobile gaming.

“Evony” has Generated Impressive Global Net Revenue

Sensor Tower's data further supports this success, indicating that “Evony” has generated impressive global net exceeding $355 million, with more than 200 million cumulative by 2023. TGI's titles, including “Evony,” consistently rank among the most downloaded and highest-grossing games on both Apple and Google platforms, emphasizing TGI's strong position in the mobile gaming industry.

“Evony” is a real-time war that combines several gameplay elements. It includes developing a main city, exploring, recruiting famous historical generals, engaging in epic battles, and solving challenging puzzles.

The game features seven distinct historical civilizations, each with unique talents and architectural styles. Players encounter legendary figures like Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, and Julius Caesar, adding a historical layer to the game. These elements are particularly appealing to strategy game enthusiasts in both mobile and online gaming sectors.

Alliance System

Evony's alliance system fosters a strong community among players, enhancing the sense of fellowship and teamwork. This aspect is crucial for maintaining a loyal player base and creating social bonds that unite players in a collective, engaging experience.

Evony's alliance system fosters a strong community
Evony's alliance system fosters a strong community

Yaoqi Guo emphasizes the importance of mobile gaming

Yaoqi Guo, with over 25 years of experience in software and game development, emphasizes the importance of mobile gaming at Top Games Inc. He transitioned his team from social media-based flash games to mobile gaming, anticipating the sector's growth. His approach focuses on the player's experience, aiming for clarity and simplicity in game design. His goal is to create top-notch gaming experiences and long-lasting gaming communities.

Regarding global market presence, Mr. Guo is enthusiastic about launching new titles to expand the company's reach. This strategy involves targeted offline promotions, particularly in Japan, and exploring cross-brand promotions. For instance, TGI recently collaborated with the Napoleon film, a partnership with Apple Original Films and Sony Pictures, which aligns with “Evony's” historical gameplay. This collaboration adds characters like Napoleon and Josephine to the game.

TGI aims to position its titles (including “Infinity Clan,” “Plague of Z,” and others) within the top 100 highest-grossing apps in their genres while maintaining high ratings. To achieve this, TGI is focusing on attracting new talent, prioritizing player feedback, and continuously updating their games with fresh content and creative engagement strategies.

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