David Guo’s Vision: Celebrating the Achievements of Evony

Under the leadership of CEO David Guo, “Evony: The King’s Return” showcased an impressive performance in its latest report for the first half of the year. The prospects of the gaming market have enticed more players to join the fray. According to the latest data: The video gaming industry is expected to reach $522 billion by the end of 2027. With recent technological developments, there are not only gaming-oriented laptops and desktops but also mobile devices that have become compatible with many advanced video games. Video games are available in various genres such as action, adventure, and casual games. Some popular titles include Stray, MARVEL SNAP, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. By the end of 2022, it was observed that approximately 3 billion people worldwide were playing video games.

Celebrating the Achievements of Evony

The gaming market highlights the following trends:

  • Firstly, free-to-play games have played a significant role in generating revenue, accounting for almost 85% of the overall gaming platform. This emphasizes the popularity and profitability of this business model.
  • Secondly, in the digital realm, video game sales experienced a substantial increase, witnessing 83% growth in 2022. This points to the rising demand for digital game purchases and downloads.
  • Thirdly, North America is projected to hold the largest market share in the video gaming industry, with an estimated value of $67.53 billion as of 2023. This regional dominance underlines its significance as a primary market for gaming companies. By the end of 2025, the North American video gaming sector is anticipated to generate a remarkable $80.9 billion in revenue, signifying consistent growth and potential in the industry.

According to the latest update from Top Games Inc., as of August 2023, the MMO real-time strategy war game “Evony: The King’s Return” saw 3.9 million new downloads and generated $126.6 million in new revenues in the first half of 2023. This reflects its impressive popularity and achievements during that period.

EOVNY‘s intricate strategy has attracted a vast user base

Evony’s community discussions are more vibrant than ever, with weekly events offering opportunities to earn rewards, gifts, and new generals. For instance, during the latest “Wheel of Past Secret” event, players can use Lion Statues to spin the Wheel of Past Secret to obtain limited rewards. Notable among these is the Ideal Land building – Red Demon Statue, and players receive one free spin daily. Upon collecting all four types of limited rewards, any remaining rewards on the wheel are directly awarded, allowing players to maximize the Red Demon Statue’s level.

Active in the market for over seven years, EVONY retains its prominent position in the competitive market due to features like recruiting renowned Generals from diverse eras and nations (e.g., Washington, King Arthur, China’s Zhao Yun, etc.), classifying seven different civilizations, the SVS and PVP gameplay, as well as the social aspects of building alliances and connecting global players.

CEO David Guo

The team behind EVONY is Top Games, led by co-founder and CEO David Guo. David is driven by a passion for enhancing the user experience. He believes that only games with a superior user experience will endure. David conveyed his philosophy of designing games from the user’s standpoint when Evony won the NXY Silver Award for Strategy Games. He believes that successful games should be engaging from the player’s perspective, not just the designer’s. Games should be fun, but they must also offer a user experience that is simple and straightforward, enabling players to make friends and join gaming communities.

David stated, “More and more gamers are discovering our titles’ fun and innovative offerings that deliver on their promises, play no tricks on players, and provide a wholesome RPG gaming experience.”

In 2022, Evony garnered numerous accolades, including the “Best MMO” Game at the Samsung Store, and was ranked 5th in the list of Top Ten US-Headquartered Mid-Core Games. Through the success of Evony, Top Games entered the list of the top 10 highest-grossing developers on the AppStore and Google Play.

David Guo is optimistic about the future of the gaming market, particularly with the ongoing evolution of new technologies. He holds a positive outlook on the potential of VR games. Under David’s leadership, the company has developed strategy and casual games with varied themes besides the Evony projects. These include the mafia-themed MAFIA ORIGIN, the zombie-themed PLAGUE OF Z, and the magic-themed casual strategy game, INFINITY CLAN.

This brings to mind the philosophical saying, “rowing against the current, not to advance is to retreat.” Intense competition in the game market and evolving market trends dictate that those who do not innovate will be left behind. Only by continuously refining products, enhancing overall efficiency, and fostering collaborative efforts to grasp the correct direction can success be attained. Ultimately, player preferences remain the definitive measure of a game’s appeal.

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