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Evony released Sisi’s Holiday event on December 16th. With a beautiful carriage arriving for the Monarch’s main city, Elisabeth of Bavaria will come to the land of Evony. And we can visit her through the “red heart” in the Keep menu.

In Evony, the background of Elisabeth is: “One of the best female equestrians of her time, Elisabeth learned multiple languages and was a powerful political influence when she took an interest in certain matters. Known in her time as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Elisabeth left a legacy of fashion, travel, and daily exercise that has influenced even modern times.”

Moreover, Elisabeth has three memories in her Champion Story interface. We can know more about her through her memories.

During the event, we can purchase the Romantic Package on the Valuable Event page to earn Romantic Gift Boxes and Bavarian Boxes. Open the Bavarian Box to earn massive Bavarian Flowers. We can also earn up to 10 Bavarian Flowers from Monsters every day.

So how to unlock the Champion Elisabeth? The method is collecting 400 Bavarian Flowers to compose a Bavarian Floral Basket. And we can also disassemble any extra Bavarian Flowers to get Mini Resource Chests.

Evony has also added two new memories of Champion Helen that can be unlocked at Loyalty Level 7 and Level 13, which can let us better understand Helen’s story.

Do you like Evony’s Champion system?

According to the latest notice on the official website, During Carnival Week, Evony brings benefits to PC client users through the New Force event, and by playing on the PC client, you will get generous rewards, a limited Avatar Frame, and a March Effect.

Weekly Featured Events in Evony

Evony provides its players with more than just an immersive strategy gaming experience. Every week, the game introduces regular activities that infuse fresh challenges and rewards into the player’s journey. For those keen on staying updated with the latest in-game events, it’s advisable to regularly check the Events page on Evony’s official website.

“Evony: The King’s Return” is a premium product of Top Games Inc. At the helm of this innovative venture are the company’s co-founder and CEO David Guo, and Vice President, Benjamin Gifford. Both leaders anchor their gaming philosophy on the belief that an enhanced user experience is the cornerstone of successful game development. This commitment to player satisfaction is palpably felt throughout Evony, making each gaming session a memorable experience.

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