What is the company of Top Games?

Top Games Inc., founded in 2015, is an independent developer of mobile games. now have more than 100 million players worldwide, and their gaming portfolio now includes seven-strong games, with three new titles coming later in the year. They focus on the player first, building a high-quality experience. This focus has resulted in the release of multiple games with 4.5-star-and-higher ratings. They rely heavily on data science to validate opinions and decision-making within the development team. 

What types of games does Top Games Inc. specialize in?

They focus on operating Strategy Games, which include more interactive and social elements, and prioritize game designs centered on fair play and user-friendly social platforms.

The team led by David Guo are passionate about games, especially those in the Strategy genre. They know exactly what players want from games, which is why they are able to design from the player’s perspective.

What led David Guo to become a Game Developer/Marketer?

David Guo: “I am a game player myself. In 2009, I found that many game companies don’t care about user experience and customer satisfaction. That’s the reason I joined Top Games Inc. Top Games focuses on providing top-tier Player Experiences and services. We design games from the player’s perspective. Noting that players not only make many friends but also live out portions of their lives in games, we aimed to create the best gaming experience possible and to cultivate long-lasting gaming communities that would continually enhance that experience.”

What is David Guo role in the Top Games Inc.?

David Guo: “Although my title is Top Games CEO, I am basically in charge of all essential Top Games departments. To achieve success in each respective role, I firmly believe every TGI employee should testify quickly and implement even faster. There’s no specific method for achieving success right away. This is why we test our products or services over and over again to implement the best option and to scale up as quickly as possible. With efficient execution and attention to detail, we are delighted to have launched the Hit game ‘ Evony’ that is enjoyable for our users.”

Justicial King Matthias I

Siege Machines Generals / Special Skill

Denmark King Harald

Subordinate City Generals / Special Skill


Ground Troops Generals/ Special Skill


Ground Troops Generals/ Special Skill

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