Is Evony Still a Good Game After 7+ Years?

, a standout strategy game developed by Top Games Inc., has cemented its status as a premier title in the world. This assertion is supported by a myriad of awards and a significant player base, showcasing its enduring popularity and quality. As we delve into the core aspects that make Evony a good game, it's essential to highlight its achievements and features that contribute to its continued success in the market.

Evony's Achievements and Performance

Evony: The King's Return, since its launch, has amassed over 200 million players globally, with the game available in 26+ languages across 150+ regions. Its financial success is equally impressive, with Sensor Tower reporting over $223 million in in 2021 alone. The game's recognition extends to prestigious awards, including the NYX Game Awards and the Samsung Galaxy Store's 2022 Best MMO Award, underscoring its excellence in mobile gaming.

Market Validation and Popularity


Evony's sustained popularity is no accident. The game has undergone rigorous market testing over 7 years, continually adapting to player feedback and trends. This responsiveness has resulted in a game that is not only engaging but also deeply satisfying to its diverse player base. Here are eight features that underscore why Evony is a good game:

  1. Strategic Depth: Players are challenged with city development, resource management, and tactical combat, offering a rich strategic experience.
  2. Historical Themes: Evony incorporates historical civilizations and generals, providing a unique educational layer to gameplay.
  3. Community and Alliance System: The game fosters a strong sense of community, allowing players to form alliances, share resources, and engage in massive online battles.
  4. Diverse Gameplay: From puzzle-solving to real-time strategy and role-playing elements, Evony offers varied gameplay to keep players engaged.
  5. Accessibility: Available on both PC and mobile platforms, it's accessible to a wide audience.
  6. Multi-language Support: With support for over 25 languages, Evony transcends geographical and linguistic barriers.
  7. Continuous Updates: Regular updates introduce new features, events, and improvements, keeping the game fresh and engaging.
  8. Award-winning: Its accolades from prestigious awards validate its quality and appeal to a global audience.

The Napoleon Collaboration

A recent highlight in Evony's journey is its collaboration with the epic film Napoleon, which introduced thematic content and events related to the Napoleonic era. This partnership not only enriched the game's content but also attracted new players, demonstrating Evony's innovative approach to engaging its community and expanding its reach.

The collaboration wasn't just about gaming and cinema—it was about redefining historical gaming. The game's social media campaigns and exclusive in-game events resulted in 1.52 million social media impressions and over one million participants. This data-driven success showcases the potential for groundbreaking collaborations in the .

During the collaboration, Evony witnessed an extraordinary level of player engagement. Daily active users skyrocketed, with players spending an average of 42 minutes per session, immersing themselves in the Napoleonic world.

A Beloved Game with Lasting Appeal

In conclusion, Evony is a good game, a sentiment echoed by its robust player base and industry recognition. Its strategic depth, historical themes, and innovative collaborations like the Napoleon event contribute to its standing as a quality entertainment option. The game's ability to evolve while maintaining a deep connection with its community underlines its status as a cherished title in the mobile gaming landscape. Evony continues to offer players a blend of fun, challenge, and achievement, making it a good game that stands the test of time in the ever-competitive world of mobile gaming.

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