Top Games CEO Yaoqi Guo takes a player-first perspective to business

Yaoqi Guo (David Guo) and Top Games Inc.

Yaoqi Guo

Evony: The King’s Return is a unique real-time strategy war game played globally across 150 countries and translated into 24 languages, first released in 2016 and featured in an award-winning Super Bowl commercial in 2017.

The Evony series of games has been around for over a decade now. During that time, millions of fans have repeatedly immersed themselves in its real-time world, which takes place in a medieval fantasy setting.

Evony’s expansive and unprecedented gaming universe allows players to customize and build armies, solve puzzles, create tactics, and command troops in countless ways, offering experiences gamers won’t find anywhere else. Players can also customize their gaming experience by drawing on the expertise of their favorite historical figures, including anyone from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, and more. Evony continually evolves to provide players with the most rewarding gaming experience possible.

Evony: The King’s Return was created by the award-winning developer Top Games Inc., Launched in 2015, the global video game developer, and publisher, the company now has more than 600 employees. That’s according to Yaoqi Guo (David Guo) —CEO and Co-founder of Top Games Inc. who is in charge of the team behind the latest Evony franchise developments.

Yaoqi Guo takes a player-first approach and perspective to business

“Top Games Inc. focuses on providing top-tier Player Experiences and services. We design games from the player’s perspective. “

Responsible for each of Top Games Inc.’s various departments, the company’s CEO Yaoqi Guo takes a player-first approach and perspective to business, one that has continually driven an optimized and rewarding gaming experience.

Over 62 million Annual Downloads

The King’s Return is now the most-played Evony title by some margin. Introduced mainly to the world via a commercial aired during the 2017 Superbowl, Evony: The King’s Return has gone from strength to strength in the five years since. Yaoqi Guo reports that the game enjoyed more than 62 million downloads last year, contributing to over $220 million in annual revenue.

When it comes to mobile gaming, Evony: The King’s Return isn’t Top Games Inc. and Yaoqi Guo’s only success. Guo’s team is also responsible for various other wildly popular titles, including the military war game Plague of Z and the strategy-focused Mafia Origin.

The zombie siege title Plague of Z sees gamers recruit survivors, forming and leading an army in a mysterious, abandoned city. Meanwhile, the ever-popular strategy game Mafia Origin is an experience rooted in honor and revenge. Top Games Inc.

CEO Yaoqi Guo says it’s ultimately up to players to decide how the game progresses in each individual play-through.

Passion for Technology and Gaming

Yaoqi Guo is immensely passionate about technology and online gaming. The now-seasoned CEO began his career creating multimedia management software. He later progressed into developing firewalls for use in cybersecurity.

Now at the helm of Top Games Inc., Guo is a firm believer in the importance of providing top-tier player experiences. “At Top Games Inc., we’re focused squarely on designing games from players’ perspectives,” he explains.

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