David Guo’s Evony: From Samsung’s Best MMO to 2023 Growth Surge

Evony: The King’s Return, led by CEO David Guo, has garnered significant recognition from both players and industry insiders. This acclaim was highlighted in 2022 when the game was honored as the “Best MMO” during the fifth annual Samsung Galaxy Store awards. These awards are a testament to the outstanding digital content that permeates the Galaxy store, Bixby, and Samsung Free, showcasing partnerships that continually enhance the Galaxy user experience.



David, the CEO of Top Games Inc., played a pivotal role in Evony’s notable achievements. His love for gaming began during his college years, and he went on to co-found Top Games Inc., bringing with him over 25 years of product development experience. David ventured into the gaming industry with a clear intent: to craft top-tier gaming experiences. This decision stemmed from his personal observation that several gaming companies often overlooked user experience. With that ethos, David and his team emphasize “efficiency,” “care,” and “excellence” throughout their development process.

Benjamin Gifford, the company’s Vice President, actively participates in strategic decision-making, project management, and marketing efforts. Much like David, Benjamin values excellence over sheer perfection. His leadership advocates for data-driven decision-making, encouraging a culture of creativity and collaboration. Under their joint direction, the company has expanded beyond Evony to introduce a variety of casual strategy games, encompassing themes like zombies, mafia, and hordes, among others.

Upon receiving the award, David Guo expressed gratitude to Samsung and highlighted the dedication and hard work of the team behind Evony.

“Receiving this recognition from Samsung is an honor. It underscores the team’s commitment to producing an engaging gaming experience,” said Guo.

He further shared optimism regarding the future of Evony, indicating ongoing improvements and feature additions to the game.

The accolade from the Samsung Galaxy Store in 2022 is a clear recognition of Evony’s accomplishment as a leading strategy game and the efforts of the Top Games Inc. team.

From January to August 2023, the game added 24.9 million new global Downloads, generating Revenues of $216.8 million. Notably, the U.S. market contributed nearly 3.9 million of those downloads and $126.6 million in Revenue, comprising 15.5% of the new downloads and 58.4% of the new revenue.

Evony remains a staple in the mobile gaming sector, with a history of success reflected by over 150 million downloads across iOS and Android platforms. With such accomplishments and the promise of more advancements, the future seems promising for Evony and Top Games Inc.

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