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Meet , the Roman emperor who left an indelible mark on history. Ascending to power in 98, this remarkable leader is renowned for his military prowess and transformative rule. Under Trajan's command, the Roman Empire experienced unparalleled expansion, reaching its maximum territorial extent. As the General of Ground Troops, let's delve into the story of Elise, her special skills, general specialties, and the methods for obtaining him.

Epic Historic General Trajan in Evony
Trajan in Evony

General Story

A great Roman emperor, leading the empire to attain its maximum territorial extent. He earned the reputation as the second of the Five Good Emperors and presided over an era of peace within the Empire and prosperity in the Mediterranean world.
In 98, the governor of Upper Germany Trajan succeeded the Roman emperor. Trajan is remembered as a successful soldier-emperor who presided over the second-greatest military expansion in Roman history after Augustus, leading the empire to attain its maximum territorial extent by the time of his death. His conquest of the Dacia and the Parthian Empire enriched the empire greatly. He is also known for his philanthropic rule overseeing extensive public building programs and implementing social welfare policies. Eventually, the Roman Senate bestowed upon him Optimus Princeps.

General Special Skill

– Increase your ground troops' attack and defense by 15%, as well as ground troops' HP by 20% when the General is leading the army.
With the update of this game, Trajan becomes an . When you ascend him, the star of his Special Skill will be increased. The details will be shown in the following picture.

General Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

+10%, Ground Troop HP +10%
Formation – Ground Troop and Attack +10%
Ground Troop Ares – Ground Troop Attack +10%, Ground Troop HP +10%, Ground Troop Defense +10%
Dacian Wars – Ground Troop Attack +16%, Ground Troop HP +16%, March Size Capacity +10%

The Way to get this General

You can use Gold to recruit Trajan in Traven. Please upgrade the level of Traven to increase the probability of refreshing Epic Historic Generals.

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