How to compete in Evony Battle of Gaugamela & Battlefield Shop introduction

The Battle of Gaugamela, also known as the Battle of Arbela, was a historic clash between the Macedonian and Persian Empires in the region of Gaugamela. In 331 BC, Alexander the Great, having already conquered Egypt, set his sights on the Persian Empire. Despite previous defeats, Darius III of Persia was determined to stop Alexander’s advance. He prepared for battle by leveling the field at Gaugamela, allowing his massive army of 200,000 troops to deploy with ease. However, Alexander, with his brilliant military strategy, managed to defeat the Persian forces with just 40,000 infantry and 7,000 cavalry. This victory marked the end of Persian military power and ultimately led to the downfall of the Persian Empire.

Score Rules

In Evony, you can participate in the Battle of Gaugamela and compete by attacking Monsters and killing Troops to earn Rewards. The Battlefield Rules are similar to the Battle of Constantinople, and we can learn them in How To Earn Scores In The Battle Of Constantinople In Evony?
Compared to the Battle of Constantinople, the number and variety of buildings in the Gaugamela battlefield are not very large, and the main scores are obtained by monsters and killing. Monster score rules are the same as Battle of Chalons(How to get high scores in Battle of Chalons in Evony), and the killing score rules are the same as Battle of Constantinople.

No.1 Building Scores

Amount: 4. Occupy it for continuous 30 seconds to earn 1 teleport chance that is shared by the whole Alliance. Occupy it for continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
Battlefield Hospital
Amount: 1. Occupy it to increase the whole Alliance’s healing speed by 60%. Occupy it for continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
Blessing Tower
Amount: 2. Occupy it to increase the whole Alliance’s attack by 20% and defense by 20%. Occupy it for continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
March Tower
Amount: 1. Occupy it to increase all the allies’ march speed to Monsters by 50% and reduce the opponents’ march speed by 30%. Occupy it for continuous 1 minute to earn 16 scores.
Battlefield Buildings in Battle of Gaugamela
Battlefield Buildings in the Battle of Gaugamela

No.2 Monster Scores

There are three types of Monsters in the Battlefield. The ultimate Boss (Phoenix) is in the center of the map and refreshes every 15 minutes. The three big Bosses (Behemoth, Fafnir, and Kamaitachi) are in the central area and refresh every 10 minutes. The small Bosses refresh every 5 minutes.
  • Kill an ultimate boss can earn 35 scores.
  • Kill a big boss can earn 8 scores.
  • Kill a small boss can earn scores from 1 to 5.

No.3 Killing Scores

You can also earn scores for every 1,000,000 troops killed, and the higher the level of troops you kill, the more scores you earn. For example, Killing 1,000,000 Lv1 troop(s) can get 2.2 scores, while Killing 1,000,000 Lv15 troop(s) can get 155.6 scores. You need to make sure that there are soldiers in the castle you attack, otherwise, you will not gain scores even if you successfully attack it.
The number of scores for each troop level can be found in the details.
Entrance to Battle of Gaugamela Details
Entrance to Battle of Gaugamela Details

Battlefield Rewards

Similar to the Battle of Constantinople, players will be rewarded for their individual points regardless of whether the Alliance wins or loses, but players who are in the winning Alliance could be rewarded more generously.
In Battle of Gaugamela, personal scores will be divided into 5 levels, and the rewards include Dragon Crystal, Gaugamela Chest (Resource, Speedup, Gold, and Gem), Runestone Chest, Dragon Source Fragment, and Tactic Scroll.
And! A season contains 4 rounds. In each round, the winning Alliance can gain a certain amount of points, while the losing Alliance will lose some points. After each round of Battlefield, the Personal Ranking updates according to the personal scores. Play who rank in the top 100, can complete the Glory Strategy Expert and get the purple wing in Miracle.
Specific rewards can be viewed by clicking the position below.


  1. You need to use your own teleport items or Gems to teleport all over the Battlefield, and Alliance shares a limited number of teleport chances.
  2. The enemy cannot move to your Safe Zone but can attack your castle from the outside.
  3. All killed troops in the Main City will go to the Hospital and be considered wounded instead of dying or being captured. There is no upper limit for wounded troops in the battlefield hospital, and the treatment time will be shortened. Healing does not cost any resources. All wounded troops in the hospital will heal automatically when they return to the original server after the battle.
  4. The Battle could lead to the loss of the trap and subordinate city troops of the die. This loss cannot be recovered, but resources will not be looted.
  5. You cannot enter Battlefield again once leaving and the scores will be reset to zero with no rewards received.
  6. Players who reinforce a building can get scores equal to 20% of the building occupier. Players who join a Monster rally can get scores equal to 20% of the rally initiator. The scores gained by reinforcing buildings do not count as Alliance Scores.

Battlefield Shop

Players can consume Badges or Dragon Crystals to buy needed supplies and items at the rich battlefield store or redeem diamonds for Special Items.
The goods in Battlefield Shop include necessary materials to craft equipment, resources, Monarch & General EXP books, Gold, Gems, and so on. And there are 4 Battlefield Special Increase Items (Attack, Defense, HP, March Size) which can only be used on all Battlefields.

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