A guide to the types and uses of in-city buildings in Evony

Are you a new player to Evony and feeling curious about the in-city buildings within your realm? Dive into our guide to understand the significance, purpose, and intricacies of every in-city building at your disposal.

It’s essential to note that the architectural style of in-city buildings varies based on the Civilization you opt for. Each Civilization boasts its own distinctive attributes, which you should scrutinize meticulously before making a choice. Furthermore, every building displays a “Duty” option, enabling you to assign a General as an Officer and reap the associated Duty Benefits.

But that’s not all! The power associated with in-city buildings escalates with their level. Hence, to amplify your Power, it becomes imperative to prioritize upgrading your buildings. Join us as we embark on this journey to shed light on the world of in-city buildings in Evony.

Here is our list of all the in-city buildings and their descriptions.

Europe style's main city in Evony

[Europe style’s main city in Evony]


Keep provides an overview of the empire’s advancements. Upgrading Keep can unlock new buildings and features and increase Gold Levy. There are many functions of Keep. Click Keep, and you see your Champions, Levy Gold, check City Buff, Decorate your city, check Culture Feature, and change Culture.


Players can recruit Generals and access the Activity feature in the Tavern. The higher the level of Tavern, the more likely it is to refresh high-quality Generals. And players can also open the Great General Chest to get General Fragment and other rewards, as well as Spin the Wheel of Fortune to get rewards in the Tavern.


This is the first line of defense protecting the city. Upgrading the walls can increase the maximum number of Traps the city can accommodate. Players can choose, check, and change Defense General on the Walls to enhance the city’s defense. And can also Patrol to get rewards. If you lose the PVP battle and your castle is burned by the enemy, your Walls’ HP will reduce. When your Walls’ HP reduces to 0, your castle will be teleported to a random location, and your Walls’ HP will be recovered.


Players can offer Gems and Tributes in Shrine to get buffs, prestige and rewards. Besides,the dead General can be revived from the Shrine.


It can provide Food for the city. Upgrading the Farm will produce more Food.


It can provide Lumber for the city. Upgrading the Sawmill will produce more Lumber.


The Warehouse will protect a certain amount of resources from being plundered or consumed. It can protect more resources with the upgrade.


A spot to train Ground Troops. Upgrading Barracks will unlock higher-level Ground Troops. Ground Troops possess a battle advantage over Ranged Troops.


A spot to train Mounted Troops. Upgrading Stables will unlock higher-level Mounted Troops. Mounted Troops possess a battle advantage over Ground Troops and most monsters and bosses.

Archer Camp

A spot to train Ranged Troops. Upgrading Archer Camp will unlock higher-level Ranged Troops. Ranged Troops possess a battle advantage over Mounted Troops.

Rally Spot

Rally Spot is related to the number of troops players can send to the battle. The higher the level of the Rally Spot, the more troops players can dispatch. In Rally Spot, players can check their troops’ details and make March Preset. March Preset can help players join rallies or send troops more conveniently and quickly.


Academy can be unlocked when Keep reaches LV2. In Academy, players can research important Technologies and purchase General Skill Books in Skill Books Shop. Upgrading the Academy will gain access to new Technologies.

Research Technologies in Academy

[Research Technologies in Academy]

Army Camp

It can increase the training speed and capacity of the troops. With the upgrade of the Army Camp, the training speed and capacity will also be increased.


It can provide Stone for the city. Upgrading the Quarry will produce more Stone.


A spot to build the massive Siege Machines. Upgrading Workshop will unlock higher-level Siege Machines, which can possess a battle advantage over the enemy’s Siege Machines and Ranged Troops.

Archer Tower

The Archer Tower will provide additional defense to the main city and cause damage to the enemies. Players can upgrade the level of Archer Tower to get more defense power and HP.


Watchtower is an important spot to take detailed scouting reports and warn Monarchs when there are incoming troops marching towards their city. Upgrading Watchtower will obtain more detailed reports.


There are Black Market, Auction House, and Tax in the Market. Players can trade to get what they want, and tax on resources.


The Hospital is responsible for accepting wounded troops. The higher the level of the hospital, the greater the number of wounded troops it can treat.

[LV6 Keep is required to unlock Army Camp, Quarry, Workshop, Archer Tower, Watchtower, Market, and Hospital]


Unlocking Forge requires LV7 Keep. Players can check their Equipment Materials, Craft, and upgrade Equipment for their Generals in Forge.

Trap Factory

Unlocking Trap Factory requires LV8 Keep. A spot to create defensive Traps and repair Siege Machines. Upgrading Trap Factory will unlock new Traps.


The Embassy is where players interact with their Alliance members. With the Embassy, players and their Alliance members can help each other build buildings and research technology. And players can also send reinforcement to their allies who have an embassy. When enemies attack your Alliance members, the reinforcements will help defend allies.

War Hall

Players can check Alliance War in the War Hall, and choose whether or not to join wars. Besides, players can choose to launch Alliance Wars when attacking monsters and enemies and gathering allies to send troops together to attack the target.


The bunker can help players hide troops and protect their troops from incoming attacks. Upgrade the Bunker to increase the protecting capacity.

[Unlocking Embassy, War Hall, and Bunker requires LV9 Keep.]


It can provide Ore for the city. Upgrading the Mine will produce more Ore.

Subordinate City

Occupy Subordinate Cities to get buff, materials, and Gold. The quality of Subordinate City can be divided into 6 types: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Legendary (purple), Epic (golden), and Famous City (red). The higher quality the Subordinate City possessed, the more benefits players will gain.

And the buff effects of Subordinate Cities depend on 7 types of Civilization. You can click Subordinate Cities to check their attributes and then decide if you want to get them.

The maximum number of Subordinate Cities a player can hold depends on the Rank Ranking, and increasing your Prestige gives you the chance to increase your Rank Ranking to gain more Subordinate Cities.

Troops in Subordinate City can accompany troops in the main city to attack the enemy’s main city and attack monsters. Troops in Subordinate City can also help defend the main city when the player’s main city is under attack. Subordinate City can greatly enhance your combat strength.


The Portal allows players to connect their Subordinate Cities troops to Main City troops.

Art Hall

Players can collect Artwork in Art Hall. There are General Hall, Exhibition Hall, and Art Treasures in Art Hall. Players can get benefits by collecting Generals and Artworks. Art Treasure can bring buffs to players.

Holy Palace

Players can recall battle deserters and revive troop souls in the Holy Palace. Upgrade Holy Palace to house more battle deserters and turn more dead troops into troop souls.


The prison will lock the captives from war. When the captives meet the Labor Requirement, players can unlock the Labor feature and instantly gain some resources according to City’s basic production. Players can also release the captives to gain Prestige. Upgrading the Prison can house more captives.

[LV11 Keep is required to unlock Mine, Subordinate City, Portal, Art Hall, Holy Palace, and Prison.]

Research Factory

Research Factory is a spot where players can produce Research Stones and Materials. The higher level of the Research Factory, the more Research Stones and Materials can be produced.


Players can foster Dragons and Spiritual Beasts in the Pasture. Upgrading the Pasture will unlock more Spiritual Beasts.

[Unlocking Research Factory and Pasture requires LV21 Keep.]


Unlocking Arsenal requires LV27 Keep. Arsenal allows you to upgrade troops from tier 10 to tier 11 and above.


There are many features in Wonder. It can record players’ cultural Glory including Server War Ares, Monarch’s Glory, Invincible Hero, Dragon Master, Strategy Expert, and King of Generals. Moreover, you can craft Civilization Equipment and collect Civilization Treasure in the Wonder.

Dragon Cliff

Players can save and show Sacred Dragons in Dragon Cliff. Upgrading the level of Dragon Cliff will unlock more Dragon’s Talent Skills.

Pasture Dragons & Dragon Cliff Sacred Dragons

[Pasture Dragons & Dragon Cliff Sacred Dragons]

[Unlocking Wonder and Dragon Cliff requires LV30 Keep.]


Players can enter the Battle of Gaugamela, Battle of Constantinople, Battle of Chalons, and All-Star Battle through the Battlefield. And players can use Dragon Crystals or Badges to purchase rare items and resources in the Battlefield Shop. During prime Battlefields, Battlefields Betting will be opened. Players can bet on different battles with Betting Coins to predict the ranking of battles and win rewards if the prediction is correct.

Victory Column

Unlocking Victory Column requires LV35 Keep. It can record your Glory Achievement and Ranking. Unlocking the Victory Column can increase Generals’ basic attributes, Construction Speed, and Research Speed. And when your Victory Column reaches level 3 and above, it can also increase the buff of March Time Reduction based on the above buffs. The higher the level of Victory Column, the better buff effect can be provided.

Glory Achievement:

On the List – Amount of Generals in the General Ranking

Fully Armed – Amount of Civilization Equipment owned

Overwhelming Victory – Times of triggering Glory of Warrior effect or Lucky Favor effect


General Ranking, Rank Ranking, Monarch Power Ranking, Fame Ranking, Killing Ranking, Alliance Killing Ranking, Server War Ranking, Constantinople Battlefield Ranking, Gaugamela Battlefield Ranking.

Unlock the Victory Column

[Unlock the Victory Column]

Military Academy

Players can research Military Formations and Tactics in the Military Academy. LV36 Keep is required to unlock Military Academy.

Triumphal Arch

Unlocking Triumphal Arch requires LV38 Keep. Triumphal Arch can record Glory Achievements that are different from the Victory Column, and it can also record Monarch Battle Logs. Unlock the Triumphal Arch can also get buffs, including Rally Capacity, Reinforcement Capacity, and Reinforcement Capacity on the battlefield. The higher the level, the better the buff effect.

Glory Achievement:

  • The Peak of Gaugamela – The highest Scores in one round of the Battle of Gaugamela
  • The Peak of Constantinople – The highest Scores in one round of the Battle of Constantinople
  • Ultimate Challenger – The highest ranking in the All-Atar Battlefield

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