How to Use the General Covenant Feature to Be Stronger in Evony?

General is an effective function to increase ' buffs in Evony. A general who has this feature can build the Covenant with 3 other specific generals.
The generals who currently have this feature enabled are:
According to the current situation, more and more generals will have this feature in the future after this function is launched.
Read this article to understand the rules and notes of the Covenant feature and how to activate General Covenant attributes.

General Covenant Rules & Tips

Covenant is divided into 6 types in Evony:

  • War Covenant
  • Cooperation Covenant
  • Peace Covenant
  • Faith Covenant
  • Honor Covenant
  • Civilization Covenant
Each general has different attribute settings for these 6 types of the covenant.

Covenant Attributes are divided into 2 types:

  1. Being effective only for this Historic General
  2. Taking effect unconditionally
Among them, if there is only a silver armor icon in front of the attribute, it means that the attribute is only effective for this general. However, if there is an armor icon with a gold one and a silver one in it in front of the attribute, the attribute will take effect unconditionally.


When having multiple identical generals, only one can unlock the covenant feature.
When the Main General and march together, the Assistant General's covenant attribute will also take effect.

General Covenant Activation Requirements:

  1. Own and train the corresponding covenanted generals to a certain value

Covenant Stone

Each time you unlock a covenant attribute, you need to consume 50 Covenant Stones.
You can obtain the Covenant Stone by completing the Daily Activity quests and festival event packages.
Activity reaches 50 to claim 1 Covenant Stone.
Activity reaches 80 to claim 2 Covenant Stones.
Activity reaches 110 to claim 4 Covenant Stones

Train Generals

During the actual operation, you may find that as long as you have enough Covenant Stones, you can build a General Covenant without having the corresponding covenanted general. But if there are not enough covenanted generals, it will be difficult to meet the conditions to activate the covenant buffs. So, it's necessary to obtain covenanted generals and train them to meet the requirements.
If you dismiss the relevant generals after establishing a covenant, the established covenant will not disappear.
But if the attributes of the remaining generals do not meet the buff unlocking requirements in the original covenant, the originally effective buff attributes will disappear.
The difference between Evony Covenant Build and Attributes Activate
The difference between Evony Covenant Build and Attributes Activate
To activate a Historic General's covenant attributes, you need to count the sum of the basic attributes of the Historic General who has this feature and his/her covenanted generals. These attributes include Leadership, Attack, Defense, and Politics.
You can improve the generals' basic attributes through methods such as upgrading, enhancing, and cultivating.
After the sum of the basic attributes of the four generals with a covenant relationship reaches the specified value, the corresponding covenant attribute can be activated.
The total basic attributes of this general and covenanted generals need to reach the following value to activate the corresponding covenant.
  1. War Covenant – 10000
  2. Cooperation Covenant – 12000
  3. Peace Covenant – 14000
  4. Faith Covenant – 16000
  5. Honor Covenant – 19500
  6. Civilization Covenant – 22500

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