Napoleon Prime: The Ultimate Mounted-Troop General and His Combinations

As Evony’s Seventh Anniversary celebration coincides with the exciting Evony x Napoleon Collaboration event, a new and formidable version of General Napoleon, named Napoleon Prime, makes his grand entrance into the game. This article explores General Napoleon’s strengths, acquisition methods, and ideal pairings to help players unlock his full potential and dominate the battlefield.

General Napoleon Prime
General Napoleon Prime

The General Story of Napoleon Prime

In 1804, amidst the echoing bells of Notre Dame, Napoleon Bonaparte, adorned in regal attire, ascended to the throne of Emperor of France. Raising the Hand of Justice scepter, he marked the dawn of his reign over Europe.

Napoleon spearheaded France’s meteoric rise, prompting the nations of Europe to unite against his ambitions. However, he proved an unmatched force on the battlefield. His decisive victories in Northern Italy, Marengo, and Ulm dealt devastating blows to the Anti-French Coalition. At the legendary Battle of Austerlitz, his unparalleled military genius shone brightest as he employed a bold strategy of striking with fewer against many, conquering the formidable alliance of the Russian and Austrian empires and solidifying his image as “The Unconquerable Napoleon.”

Beyond the battlefield, Napoleon implemented sweeping political reforms and established the Napoleonic Code, laying the foundation for modernization across Europe. His influence extended far beyond the continent, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.

As founder of the Bonaparte dynasty, Napoleon’s legacy lives on through his military achievements and cultural-political impact. Widely recognized as one of history’s greatest emperors, his influence continues to resonate, earning him enduring respect and commemoration to this day.

The Special Skill of Napoleon Prime

Napoleonic Wars:
Increases mounted troops’ attack by 50% when the General is leading the army to attack. Increases mounted troops’ defense and HP by 30% when the General brings any Dragon or Spiritual Beast to attack.
1※ – Marching Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +10%, Defense and HP +5%
2※ – Marching Troop Death into Wounded Rate +10%
3※ – Marching Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +15%; March Size Capacity +8%
4※ – Marching Mounted Troop Defense +25% and HP +30%
5※ – Marching Mounted Troop Attack +35% and Defense +30%

The Max-level Specialty of Napoleon Prime

  • Mounted Troop Formation: Mounted Troop Attack and Defense +10%
  • Strike: March Speed +10%; Marching Mounted Troop Attack +20%
  • Mounted Troop Ares: Mounted Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Bonaparte Dynasty: When the General brings any dragon, Marching Mounted Troop Attack +40%; Marching Mounted Troop Defense +30%; Enemy Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack -15%

The General Skin of Napoleon Prime

The Attributes of Emperor – Napoleon (Prime)

The General Skin of Napoleon Prime
The General Skin of Napoleon Prime

Use to activate:

  • Marching Mounted Troop Attack +10%
  • Enemy Ground Troop HP -20%
Join the Napoleon’s Party event, and level up your party cake by purchasing basic gems. And you will claim the skin when your cake reaches Lv10.

The Access Paths of Napoleon Prime

No.1 Get Napoleon from General Tokens

There is a chance to receive Napoleon by opening Epic Historic General (Premium), Epic Historic General, Epic General, and Adv General tokens. Here are some methods to get them:
  1. The final tier of the event packages (including the Seventh Anniversary Package, Debuff Skill Book Package, Flexible Specialty Super Value Package, and so on)
  2. Gem Purchase Event
  3. Champion Loyalty Rewards
  4. VIP Premium Package
  5. Limited Offer

No.2 Historic General Summoning Event

During Evony’s Seventh Anniversary & Napoleonevent, the probability of summoning Napoleon (Prime) has been increased to 17.5%, and you will get Napoleon every 6 times you summon it.
To summon a general, you need to use Epic Historic General (Glory). The Epic Historic General (Glory) can be obtained from the 5th tier of the Seventh Anniversary Package.


The Combination of Napoleon Prime

We believe that Napoleon (Prime) is currently the strongest cavalry general. His combination with General André Masséna, who is also a new general, is the strongest cavalry general combination.
Taking into account the three-dimensional attributes of the mounted troop, if the main general’s special skill is at full star, and the specialties of the main general and assistant general are at max level, our recommended combinations are shown in the table below. (Arranged in order of intensity from top to bottom)
Main General
Assistant General
Assistant General’s Basic Special Skill
Mounted Troop Attack Skill Book
Napoleon Prime
André Masséna
Increases March Size by 12% and mounted troops’ attack by 45% when the General is leading the army.
Zhao Yun
Increases ground troops and mounted troops’ attack by 30% and increases mounted troops’ HP by 30% when the General is leading the army to attack.
The attack of the mounted troops that are led by the General increases by 25%, and if the General brings any dragon, the mounted troops’ attack will additionally increase by 15%.
Prince Eugene
Increases mounted troops’ attack by 35% and mounted troops’ defense and HP by 10% when the General is leading the army.
Among them, it should be noted that although André Masséna’s Special Skill conflicts with the attack skill book, he and Napoleon can build a Covenant. There will be many buffs to unlock after the Covenant is established.

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