Seize the last chance to earn rewards at Evony’s Napoleon Journey event

is a new event during Evony × events. In this activity, as the process progresses, we can learn about or review the important battles that Napoleon experienced in his military career and claim corresponding . Moreover, Napoleon's Journey event is related to Napoleon's Treasure event. Let's see the details.

Napoleon Journey Rule

  1. First, you can find Napoleon's Journey event in “The Legend of Napoleon“.
  2. Then, click the plus sign and contribute to get the .
  3. For every 100 Napoleon Cannon contributed, you can earn 1 Crown of Coronation.
  4. Crown of Coronation can be exchanged for Guillotine of the Revolution Square, Legion of Honor, Conquest Chest, and 3-day Emperor's Crown event decoration
  5. You can get up to 100 Napoleon Cannon every day by killing monsters and gathering resources.
  6. Finally, when the number of Napoleon Cannon contributed by all servers reaches a certain value, Napoleon's character mark will move to the next battle point. At this time, we can click on the battle point to view the main historical stories of this battle.
The specific number of Napoleon Cannon required for each battle point is shown in the table below.
Every chapter in Napoleon's Journey
The number of Napoleon Cannons consumed
A Star Rises
The Italian Campaign
The Egyptian Expedition
The Battle of Marengo
The Battle of Trafalgar
The Battle of Ulm
The Battle of Austerlitz

Redeem – Napoleon Treasure

Click “Redeem” on the Napoleon's Journey event interface, and you will enter the Napoleon's Treasure event page. Click “Redeem” again on this page to actually enter the page for redeeming items.
On the redemption page, you can use the , , and the Crown of Coronation mentioned above to redeem special items.
The method of obtaining the Crown of Coronation has been mentioned above, so how to obtain the Napoleon Gold Coin and Napoleon Silver Coin?

Napoleon Gold Coin:

  1. Package purchase
  2. Activity: 80 Activity to receive 1 Napoleon Gold Coin, 145 to receive 3 Napoleon Gold Coins; and you can claim up to 44 Napoleon Gold Coins by this way.

Napoleon Silver Coin:

  1. Get up to 150 by collecting resources
  2. Get up to 850 by killing monsters.


  • The event coins will disappear automatically after the event ends, so they need to be used as soon as possible.
  • After the event, there will be a one-day display period. You can redeem items on this day, but you can no longer obtain Napoleon coins, so we need to pay attention to the event time.

Merit Point & Bonaparte Castle:

In addition, you can also get the limited upgradeable castle skin Bonaparte through Napoleon's Treasure event. When the castle reaches level 2 and above, in addition to its own attributes, it can also release skills.
To obtain this castle, you need to earn as many merit points as possible, because the system will rank everyone based on their number of merit points and then issue corresponding rewards. Among these rewards are castle skins and castle fragments for upgrading.
Rankings are based on groups of 20 servers.
The top 20 will receive the permanent – Palace, which is the first-level status. To upgrade, you need fragments of this castle skin.
Rank in the top 1 to 3 will receive 40 pieces of Bonaparte Castle – Palace Fragment, and places 4 to 10 will receive 15 pieces.
So, how can we earn the ? You have to complete corresponding quests to earn a different number of merit points.
Please read the article to learn how many merit points you can get from specific tasks: How to Get New Contents at Evony Seventh Anniversary & Napoleon Collaboration?

Redeem List

Finally, check the redemption list and find the items you want.
  1. Dragon Pattern – Used to unlock Fasolt in Pasture; if it has been unlocked, you can use it to obtain Dragon Source Fragments and Treasure Boxes.
  2. Historic General (Nordic Barbarian King)
  3. Historic General ()
  4. Historic General ()
  5. Historic General ()
  6. Blood Crystal (Redeem chance: 20; 25 golden coins per time)
  7. Merit Jade (Redeem chance: 5; 5 golden coins per time)
  8. Glory Golden Twig (Redeem chance: 5; 6 golden coins per time)
  9. Blood of Ares (Redeem chance: 50; 5 golden coins per time)
  10. Junior Blazon Chest
  11. Art Treasure Scroll Chest
  12. Refining Stone
  13. Runestone Chest
  14. Dragon Crystal
  15. Dragon Source Fragment
  16. Material Bag (Silk Road)
  17. Treasure Box
  18. Tactic Scroll
  19. Research Stone
  20. Source of Life
  21. Soul Crystal
  22. Super Resource Chest
  23. 6 Minute Speed Up
  24. Ramune
  25. Water Balloon
  26. Shave Ice
  27. Goldfish
  28. Candy Apple
  29. Taiyaki
  30. Lucky Cat
  31. Smoothbore Cannon
  32. Smoothbore Flintlock
  33. War Drum – Can be used to summon a boss near Main City – Anti-French Coalitions (Redeem chance: 5; 100 silver coins per time)
  34. Guillotine of the Revolution Square
  35. Legion of Honour – Can be used to win prizes in the Imperial Lion event
  36. Conquest Chest – Open to get Merit Jade, Glory Golden Twig, and Blood of Ares
  37. Decoration – Emperor's Crown (3 Day)

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