Princess Kaguya descends on Evony

was believed to come from the moon in the Tale of Takenori, Japan's oldest silent literary work. She had been banished to earth for an unknown crime and was born in a bamboo forest. After the charges were cleared, she returned to the moon in a feather suit. She was a mysterious character, as well as an ideal female image who resisted power and strove for freedom. The Tale of Princess Kaguya Event was launched in on July 5 in 2022, and a number of events were planned to welcome Princess Kaguya.

Princess Kaguya
Princess Kaguya


The arrival of Princess Kaguya

Consuming to open bamboo tube gave players a chance to receive Epic Historic Princess Kaguya. Players could get up to 3 Moon Bamboos from Spots and 7 Moon Bamboo from Monsters per day. They could also get Moon Bamboos from the special . If players didn't get Princess Kaguya after opening 279 times for the first time, this General was guaranteed within the next opening. They still had a chance to receive Princess Kaguya multiple times after the first 280 openings. Players could check the chance details on the event page.

The Special Skill of Princess Kaguya:

Princess From the Moon – Increased ' attack by 35% and increased ranged troops and siege machiness' by 30% when the General led the army to attack.

General Specialty (Max Level Effect):

Ranged Troop Formation +10%, Ranged troop +10%; Siege – capacity +6%, Attacking siege machine and ranged troop attack +10%; War God – All troops attack +6%; The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter – Ranged troop attack +30%, Ranged troop defense +15%, Ranged troop HP +15%.

– During the event time, there was a chance to get 5 kinds of Moon Treasures from Resource Spots, Monsters, and . Players could compose 3 different items to receive in different levels. They could then open Celestial Clothing Box to get rich . There was also a chance to get a Golden Sparrow from Celestial Clothing Boxes.

New Fame Quests

Evony had added Princess Kaguya and to the Fame system.
P.S. All event items disappeared at the end of the event. Players needed to use them in time!

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