Read this Evony Tactics to win the Battle of Chalons

No single individual is as powerful as a team, and that is true in Evony as well. Battle of Chalons is a large battlefield event in Evony. In Battle of Chalons, four alliances will enter the same battlefield for PvP battles. In this case, if any alliance wants to win the game, it needs to be united and strive for the highest possible score through reasonable tactical arrangements.
In this article, we will give corresponding tactical suggestions for alliances with different combat power situations. The Battle of Chalons Semifinals for the Major Alliance is coming soon. Hope this article can help you.
Evony Battlefield Tactics
Evony Battle of Chalons
Research your opponent’s alliance members before the battle so you can prepare for it.

If you are in a weaker alliance:

  1. Hide as many troops as possible. You can launch a 60-minute rally and store troops in the rally to avoid being attacked. The rally can be canceled at any time.
  2. Please arrange for the stronger castles in the alliance to attack the weaker, remote, and isolated castles in other alliances first.
  3. When attacking a building, once it has been successfully occupied, withdraw the troops as soon as possible. Do not let them stay in the building too long to avoid being attacked by others.
  4. Try to spread the alliance members, not gather them.
  5. Attack the boss alone, without rallying.

If you are in a stronger alliance:

  1. Do not take it lightly, in case you are attacked by an alliance with similar strength.
  2. Quickly launch a rally to attack the big castles in other alliances.
  3. Arrange small castles in the alliance to occupy buildings with a small number of troops, and then arrange large castles to reinforce them.
  4. Once a building with many troops fails to defend, let the alliance’s big castles attack the building immediately, in order to gain the looter’s troop points, and to keep the score balanced.
  5. Attack the boss alone, without rallying.
No matter how strong or weak your alliance is, there will always be stronger and weaker members. Teamwork requires the efforts of everyone, and both large and small castles can contribute to the battlefield. Do not be afraid to enter the battlefield because you worry about your weak power, just enjoy it.

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