David Guo: From Talented Programmer to Gaming Industry Leader

David Guo is a renowned figure in the gaming industry, having established Top Games Inc. and served as its CEO and co-founder. Thanks to his vast experience in game development and unique leadership style, Evony: The King’s Return, developed by his team, has become a massive hit among players. The Samsung Galaxy Store recently awarded “BEST MMO” in 2022 to Evony: The King’s Return following its publication by Top Games Inc. CEO David Guo expressed his gratitude toward Samsung for this accomplishment saying “We are honored to receive this award from Samsung.

Evony distinguishes itself with a multi-Civilization system featuring seven primary civilizations such as Europe, China, Korea, America, Japan, Russia, and Arabia. In addition to gameplay centered around traditional war strategy, players from different regions can pick their preferred civilization to develop territories and compete.

Evony Ranks 5th in mid-core games

Recruit Historical Generals

Players can leverage a time-transcending system that enables them to Recruit Historical Generals who are famous for their leadership abilities in various battles throughout history. Among these renowned Generals, you’ll find the likes of Washington, Genghis Khan, Qin Shihuang, Alexander the Great, and Nobunaga Oda – allowing gamers to experience epic battles fought by distinguished commanders from varying eras and civilizations.

David Guo

David Guo’s journey began in his early high school years when he honed his skills in programming and design. He then enrolled in the physics major at Sun Yat-sen University, where he developed advanced software applications. His extensive career in game development proved to be a crucial factor in the creation of Evony. He utilized his knowledge and understanding of gamers’ preferences to design a game that appealed to a broad audience while providing unique gameplay experiences. David’s management approach emphasizes the importance of testing, data science, and continuous improvement, resulting in high-quality games for players.

Great games are created by teams that pour their hearts and souls into the development process. While financial rewards are important, it is staying true to the core principles of business development that ultimately leads to success. David Guo understands the importance of a user experience-centered philosophy in game design. His team is dedicated to delivering high-quality gaming experiences to players. Moving forward, Guo will stay up-to-date with industry trends and technologies while also injecting fresh inspiration and innovation into TPI’s future projects.

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