David Guo: Why Evony “Cut Above the Rest”

At the end of 2022, Evony welcomed new good news – winning the Best MMO Award from the Samsung Galaxy Store, to which co-founder David Guo (Yaoqi Guo), expressed his feelings and continued to keep updating and improving Evony’s experience among players, after all, David constantly emphasized in many media, aiming to focus on user experience.

“Evony’s success is a result of our team’s hard work and dedication to creating a game that is enjoyable and engaging for players. We are thrilled to be recognized by Samsung and we look forward to continuing to provide our players with a great gaming experience,” said David Guo.

Evony: The King’s Return has grown significantly since it was launched, with a more sleek design more features, and more player choices. Players can plan some sort of attack on a colony and discuss resource management in the community. Evony: The King’s Return does throw in enough elements to make it a fun, casual game that has enough replay value to offer casual gamers and hardcore empire-building gamers alike.

Xianyang Castle Decoration, Hellfire March Effect & Dragon Ziz
Xianyang Castle Decoration, Hellfire March Effect & Dragon Ziz

Evony is different from some other MMO games in that the whole team plays and analyzes all kinds of games to figure out what’s fun, what works, and what doesn’t work in the pre-launch, striving to release an MMO game that would differentiate itself from other war strategy games and enhance the player experience. Here are 3 unique features of Evony that you need to really experience.

It has been more than ten years since Evony was released, the game has been continuously optimized and upgraded by the development team, and various functional details have been incorporated into an excellent user experience, after more than ten years of experience, David Guo reveals that Evony enjoyed more than 62 million Downloads last year, contributing to over $220 million in annual Revenue. Why Evony will break through in many MMO games, and cut above the rest? Here are three features that make Evony unique, to answer this question for you.

  1. Interesting alliances gameplay

As players join these alliances and move up the ranks, these alliances become an organic part of the gameplay mechanic. You have alliances that are friends with each other and others that are in conflict, and that makes for really interesting gameplay, especially when two sides that once worked together are now at war.

  1. City-building and growing your army

Evony: The King’s Return is a game that’s about growing your city and building your empire as you represent the country that you chose. You’ll gather your share of resources to be able to build new structures, each with its own purpose.

From a research center to a tavern and everything else in between, there are plenty of places that can be built for your city. You’ll see a ton of empty spots, in fact, which you should try to fill up with new structures. As you level up through the game and gather resources, you will be able to do that.

You can also grow an army and be ready for war. You can avoid war for the most part if you want to but if you want to plant your flag in certain areas and battle it out for world domination, then you can definitely take your army out and show them what your crew is made of. Just make sure that your army is big enough and ready to go.

  1. Incorporate the Puzzle

Evony: The King’s Return incorporates the Puzzle to add an extra layer of uniqueness and which is one of the most effective ways to go and grab resources.

These puzzles are a highly popular and signature aspect of Evony. The main gameplay of the Evony puzzle game is to solve puzzles by pulling the pin. Players need to adjust the order in which they pull the ring to allow the character to reach the treasure in the relic. Sounds simple, right? But as the level gets harder, traps and monsters will appear. This is where players need to use their brains. Each ring pull affects whether or not the character gets the treasure.

Evony has two entrances to the puzzle game. The first way to enter is near the “Walls”. Behind the walls, there will be a subordinate with a question mark every day to remind the monarchs of the discovery of treasures. And clicking “go to” can enter the quest for treasure. The second entrance is the purple icon in the lower-left corner of the city interface – Mysterious Puzzle.

In the Evony mysterious puzzle, Monarchs can choose different maps to play on depending on their level. Each map has a unique scene style that fits the local culture.

Lv1-Lv5 Egypt

Lv6-Lv10 Japan

Lv11-Lv15 Maya

Lv16-Lv20 Viking

Lv21-Lv25 Byzantium

Lv26-Lv30 Arabia

Lv31-Lv35 Ancient Greece

The rewards for Mysterious Puzzle are also great, including speedups, Resource items, Gold, Gems, Monarch EXP, Equipment chest, and so on.

It’s a unique twist on how to gather your resources in an empire-building game. You can still grab things by other means but this is one of the most effective. It’s also fun as the puzzle designs change each time you try to advance.

In 2022, Evony has won several awards for its interesting story setting, as well as its dedicated gamers’ base, which includes the NYX Silver Award, ranking 5th in its list of Top Ten US-Headquartered Mid-Core Games, according to Data.ai, etc. Good games are recognized by the industry and players, and the long-term popularity of the game is a reflection of the team’s hard work and technical expertise behind the game.

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