Get General Queen Boudica to protect your City in Evony

Boudica was the fearless Queen of Britain, a leader of the uprising forces against the Roman Empire’s history. While in Evony, Queen Boudica could be a Main City Defense General to help Monarchies to protect their Castles and supply buffs to in-city troops. Today we will narrate Queen Boudica’s story, and introduce her Special Skill and Specialty for players to use this General more reasonably. At the end of this article, the methods to get General Queen Boudica will be listed as much as possible as the most important part.

The Story of Queen Boudica

In A.D. 61, Queen Boudica sounded the trumpet of resistance under the support of the British people who could no longer tolerate the Roman Empire.
The bondage of slavery was broken, and Boudica and her Celtic fighters launched an extremely cruel retaliation against the aggressors! They wore blue markings, wildly destroyed Rome’s cities in Britain, slaughtered the enemy, and sacrificed their heads for glory and victory! Her troops swept across Britain, making the Roman Emperor terrified! Nevertheless, Boudica failed to get the final win. The defeated Boudica was unwilling to be captured by the Romans and swallowed the deadly poison. Boudica fought bravely for freedom, and her spirit of sacrifice was engraved deeply on the land of Britain!

The Special Skill of Queen Boudica

Rebel Leader:
Increases in city ground troops and mounted troops’ HP by 15% and in city mounted troops’ attack by 30% when the General is the Main City Defense General.
Queen Boudica’s Special Skill will be increased by Ascending. Players can use Blood of Ares and General Fragments to ascend Boudica to improve the star of her Special Skill. Every Star of Special Skill has a different effect. The details will be shown in the picture below.
The Special Skill of Queen Boudica
The Special Skill of Queen Boudica

The Specialty of Queen Boudica (Max Level Attributes)

  • Mounted Troop Defense – Mounted Troop HP and Defense +10%
  • Defensive (Applied to Main City Defense General) – Hospital Capacity +10%; In-city Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack +10%
  • War God – All Troops Attacks +6%
  • Battle of Watling Street (Applied to Main City Defense General ) – In-city Mounted Troop Attack and HP +46%

The way to get Queen Boudica

No.1 Recruit from Tavern

Queen Boudica can be recruited at Tavern. To increase the probability of spawning Queen Boudica at Tavern, we recommend that players upgrade Tavern as much as possible.

No.2 Great General Chest

Using the Key of Conscription to open the Great General Chest in the Tavern, players will have a chance to claim the General Fragments of Queen Boudica. The Key to Conscription can be obtained from Activity. When the Activity reaches 145, players will get 1 Key of Conscription per day.

No.3 King’s Scheme

Players can use General Mementos to redeem an Epic Historic General (Rare) which is the second reward in the redeeming list to get a chance to receive Queen Boudica. And the General Mementos can be obtained from the King’s Scheme Event sale.

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