Evony General Introduction – Paladin Roland

General Story

Roland, the subject of the epic poem The Song of Roland, was the first paladin in history, who had impeccable virtue. Roland is a knight comparable to King Arthur in French times. He reflects the chivalry of medieval France and even the whole of Europe.
Evony Epic Historic General - Roland
Roland was a Paladin of France. He rode on his steed Veillantif with Durandal in his hand and fought endlessly with all his strength to revenge for the brave soldiers.
Every boy who dreams of becoming a hero likes to repeat the story of . Roland was a Paladin under Charlemagne. He had the sword Durandal and his Oliphant horn and was loyal to the king and his own faith. Even faced with conspiracy and slander, enemies and destruction, the real knight will always make his choice.
Finally, the French troops successfully evacuated under the cover of Roland. However, he fought to his death in Roncevaux Pass. Since then, chivalry has been like the stars of the distant middle ages. It began in France symbolizing courage and romance and finally ended in the river of glory.

General Special Skill

– Increases ' attack by 30% and increases mounted troops' and HP by 15% when the General is leading the army to attack.
Roland is an . So with , the star of his Special Skill will also be increased. The details will be shown in the following picture.
[The Special Skill of Roland]

General Specialty (Max Level Attributes)

  • Annihilation – March Size Capacity +6%, Attacking Mounted Troop and +10%
  • Mounted Troop Ares – Mounted Troop Attack +10%, Mounted Troop HP +10%, Mounted Troop Defense +10%
[The Specialty of Roland]

The way to get this General

You can use to recruit Roland in . Please upgrade the level of Traven to increase the probability of refreshing Epic Historic .
[ from Tavern]

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