A Guide to Help You find Technology Research Priorities in Evony

Technology is an essential part of the whole game process in Evony. According to the game setting, you can research technologies in city buildings – Academy and Military Academy. In actual operation, players with different game preferences may need to focus on different types of technology. This article may give you some direction when you want to research technology in Evony.

Evony Mounted Troop Formation Parthian Shot
Evony Mounted Troop Formation Parthian Shot


You can build the Academy at Keep Lv2.

The technologies you can research in the Academy are divided into 9 categories including Advancement, Defense, Military, Medical Aid, Alliance, Subordinate City, Recovery, Military Advance, and Defense Advance.

Military Academy

You can build the Military Academy when your Keep reaches Lv36.

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Military Research in the Military Academy includes Ground/Mounted/Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Formation (Unlock Requirement: Lv1 to Lv5 Military Academy), Melee Formation, and Long Range Formation (Unlock Requirement: Lv6 to Lv10 Military Academy).

By researching these formations, you can enhance your attacking/rallying/defending/reinforcing troops further and reduce enemy troops’ HP, Defense, and Attack. In addition, other special aspects will also be increased, such as Holy Palace Deserter Capacity, Death into Troop Soul rate, and Hospital Capacity.

In each formation, there are some tactics you can research to get big debuffs. And we counted and listed the total debuff data below.

Ground Troop Formation:

Testudo Formation, Macedonian Phalanx, Triple Line Formation, Swiss Pike Square

I – Enemy Ranged Troop HP -120%

II – Enemy Ranged Troop Defense -120%

III – Enemy Ranged Troop Attack -120%

Mounted Troop Formation:

Parthian Shot, Cavalry Wedge, Cantabrian Circle, Mass Cavalry Formation

I – Enemy Ground Troop HP -120%

II – Enemy Ground Troop Defense -120%

III – Enemy Ground Troop Attack -120%

Ranged Troop Formation:

Spanish Squadron, Maurices Formation, Line Formation, Echelon Formation

I – Enemy Mounted Troop HP -120%

II – Enemy Mounted Troop Defense -120%

III – Enemy Mounted Troop Attack -120%

Siege Machine Formation:

Sumerian Phalanx, Hittite Chariots Phalanx, Egyptian Chariots Phalanx, Scythed Chariots Phalanx

I – Enemy Siege Machine HP -120%

II – Enemy Siege Machine Defense -120%

III – Enemy Siege Machine Attack -120%

Melee Formation:

Greek Heavy Infantry Square, Hollow Square, Fish-scale Formation, Roman Square, Square and Circle Formation, Greek Diamond Formation

Enemy Ground & Mounted Troop HP/Defense/Attack -186%

Long-Range Formation:

Musket Line Formation, Arrow Formation, Wedge Formation, Winding Wheel Formation, Chariot Formation, Roman Wedge Formation

Enemy Ranged Troop & Siege Machine HP/Defense/Attack -186%

Evony Tech Research in Academy and Military Academy
Evony Tech Research in Academy and Military Academy


It is recommended to give priority to the research of military-related technologies (Academy – Military and Military Advance, Military Academy – Military Research), followed by Defense, Defense Advance, Medical Aid, and Subordinate City.

Military-related technologies can increase troops’ attack, defense, and HP, and reduce enemy troops’ attack, defense, and HP. And it can also increase troop training capacity, March Speed, March Slot, March Size, reinforcement capacity, and rallying capacity.

The benefits of the Military Academy have been shown above, and in this part, we will discuss military-related technologies in the Academy.

  • March Slot – You can expand 3 more March Slots after you research Formation, Adv Dispatch, and Super Adv Dispatch. And you can get 1 extra March Slot in the Military Advance’s Legion Expansion. (Related Reading: How to increase the March Slot in Evony? )
  • March Size – Your March Size will be increased by 60,000 and 200% from Coordination and Adv/Super/Supreme Coordination, and get an extra +150,000 March Size from Military Advance. (Related Reading: How to Increase your March Size in Evony?)
  • March Speed – Through the Adv Compass, your March Speed will +70%. And researching Raid in Military Advance can increase March Speed by 30%.
  • Reinforce and Rally The reinforcement capacity in the Embassy +1,500,000 and the rally capacity in the War Hall +1,500,000 by researching Military Advance.

Moreover, we counted the total buffs and debuffs on attack, defense, and HP brought by Military and Military Advance as follows.


Attack Buffs:

Single Ground Troop Attack +100 and 100%

Single Ranged Troop Attack +150 and 100%

Single Mounted Troop Attack +200 and 100%

Single Siege Machine Attack +100 and 100%

Troops attack when they are attacking +50%

Defense Buffs:

Single Ground Troop Defense +300 and 100%

Single Ranged Troop Defense +100 and 100%

Single Mounted Troop Defense +150 and 100%

Single Siege Machine Defense +50 and 100%

Troops’ defense when they are attacking +50%

HP Buffs:

Single Ground Troop HP +600 and 100%

Single Ranged Troop HP +250 and 100%

Single Mounted Troop HP +400 and 100%

Single Siege Machine HP +100 and 100%

Military Advance

Attack/Defense/HP Buffs:

Single Ground/Ranged/Mounted Troop and Siege Machine Attack +80%

Single Ground/Ranged/Mounted Troop and Siege Machine Defense and HP +40%


Enemy Ground/Ranged/Mounted Troops and Siege Machines Troop Attack -140%

Enemy Ground/Ranged/Mounted Troops and Siege Machines Troop Defense and HP -70%

 and Rally Buffs:

The reinforcement capacity in the Embassy +1,500,000

The rallying capacity in the War Hall +1,500,000

Evony Military and Military Advance Tech Research
Evony Military and Military Advance Tech Research



Research on Defense, you can increase your Walls HP, defend troops’ attack/defense/HP, save resources (through protecting Warehouse and reducing troop upkeep), Archer Tower’s attack, trap capacity, troops’ healing, Generals’ revive, and crafting speed of Forge. And the “Defense” tech will mainly work on Traps.

Trap Buffs:

  • Single Trap Attack against Ground Troop +780 and 100%
  • Single Abatis Attack against Mounted Troop +610 and 100%
  • Single Rock Atack against Ranged Troop +390 and 100%
  • Single Fire Arrow Attack against Siege Machine +160 and 100%
  • Trap Capacity +115,000
  • All Traps’ Attack +220%
  • The speed of building traps +170%
  • The chances of trap triggering +100%

Defense Advance

With the release of Evony’s new version, they added a new tech category, Defense Advance, which will provide significant progress in defense. The summarized buff data is as follows.
Walls Buffs: Walls HP +500%

Troop Defense Buffs:

  • Defending Troop Attack/Defense/HP +100%
  • Single Ground/Ranged/Mounted Troop and Siege Machine HP and Defense +200%
Archer Tower Buffs: Archer Tower Attack and HP +200%

Trap Buffs:
  • All Trap Attack +600%
  • Trap Capacity +180,000
Reinforce: The reinforcement capacity in the Embassy +2,000,000
Resources Save: Protect 100% of resources from being consumed

Healing and Revive:
  • Healing Speed +100%
  • The single time revived troops’ power during Server War +100%

Evony Defense and Defense Advance Tech Research
Evony Defense and Defense Advance Tech Research

Medical Aid

Research techs in Medical Aid to increase Hospital Capacity, troops’ healing speed, Warehouse Capacity, troops’ death-turning-wounded rate, single-time revived troops’ power during Server War, and the capacity of damaged siege machines in Trap Factory.

Subordinate City

Research techs in Subordinate Cities to increase sub cities’ production of Gold, construction speed, training speed of sub-city troops, Walls HP, production speed of materials, rate of gaining some specific materials, death into survival rate of sub-city troops, sub-city troops attack/defense/HP when defending Main City, and capacity of sub-city troops.


Players who focus on PvE need to balance advancement, military, and defense.

Military and defense are there to help with attacking monsters and bosses. In particular, there are some technologies specially prepared for attacking monsters, and the examples are as follows.

  1. Military:

Research on Tracing can increase the March Speed to monsters +70%

Research on Tactical EXP can General EXP from killing monsters +70%

  1. Mounted Troop Formation:

Research on Bloodlust, Scale Armor, and Wild Hunt can increase all troops’ HP, defense, and attack when attacking monsters.

Alt Account

Farms can focus on researching “Advancement”.


Production Buffs:

  • The hourly production of the Farm/Sawmill/Quarry/Mine +1000 and 100%
  • The production speed of each Farm/Sawmill/Quarry/Mine +70%

Gathering Buffs:

  • The speed of gathering resources (Food/Lumber/Stone/Ore) +180%
  • Speed of gathering Gems +70%
  • Resource gathering march speed +80%

Troop Load Buffs:

  • The capacity of a single troop load +10%
  • Troop Load Capacity +70%

Construction Buffs:

  • Unlock the hiring function of a building slot
  • Construction Speed +180%

Research Buffs:

  • Speed of researching Technologies +170%

Levy Buffs:

  • Coinage – The amount of Gold you can Levy +100%

Resources Consumption Buffs:

  • Adv Silo – Protect the resources from being consumed +200%


In addition to the technology that needs to be researched for PvP, players who like SvS also need to research recovery.


  • Holy Palace Deserter Capacity +60%
  • Holy Palace Horn Capacity +30%
  • Holy Palace Horn production per hour +100%
  • Resource consumption of reviving ground/mounted/ranged troops and siege machines in Holy Palace -40%
  • Death into Troop Soul rate +10%

Evony Advancement and Recovery Tech Research
Evony Advancement and Recovery Tech Research

Tech Research Requirements

Some technologies require your Keep, Academy, and Military Academy to reach a certain level. Besides, technologies in the Academy need Gold and Research stones research, and researching technologies in the Military Academy have to consume Gold and Tactic Scroll. Due to the importance of technologies in Evony, please keep collecting the corresponding items to level up your technologies.

Weekly Featured Events in Evony

Evony provides its players with more than just an immersive strategy gaming experience. Every week, the game introduces regular activities that infuse fresh challenges and rewards into the player’s journey. For those keen on staying updated with the latest in-game events, it’s advisable to regularly check the Events page on Evony’s official website.

“Evony: The King’s Return” is a premium product of Top Games Inc. At the helm of this innovative venture are the company’s co-founder and CEO David Guo, and Vice President, Benjamin Gifford. Both leaders anchor their gaming philosophy on the belief that an enhanced user experience is the cornerstone of successful game development. This commitment to player satisfaction is palpably felt throughout Evony, making each gaming session a memorable experience.

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