Edward III: Evony’s New Ranged Troop General

If you’re looking for a powerful new General to lead your Ranged Troops in Evony, look no further than Edward III. Recently released by Evony on December 16th, Edward III is an Epic Historic General with a fascinating story and impressive abilities. In this article, we’ll delve into his background and explore his Special Skill and Specialty. We’ll also provide tips on how to obtain Edward III so you can add him to your army and dominate the battlefield.

General Edward III
General Edward III

The Story of Edward III

In 1346, King Edward III led a successful military campaign in France that would transform the Kingdom of England into a formidable military power in Europe. His army sacked the city of Caen and marched across northern France, ultimately finding favorable terrain at the Battle of Crécy. Despite being greatly outnumbered, Edward’s forces emerged victorious due in large part to the skill of their Welsh and English longbowmen, who routed a large force of French mercenary crossbowmen. The French then launched a series of cavalry charges but were repulsed each time. Edward’s victory led to the Treaty of Brétigny, which greatly favored England and solidified its position as a military powerhouse in Europe.

The Special Skill of Edward III

  1. Knights of the Garter: Edward III’s base Special Skill that increases ranged troops’ and siege machines’ attack by 25% and increases ranged troops’ defense by 15% when he is leading the army.

General Ascending: Edward III is an awakened General, which means that stars can be added to his Special Skill through General Ascending.

The Special Skill of Edward III

The Specialty of Edward III (Max Level Attributes)

  • Ranged Troop Assault – Ranged Troop Attack and HP +10%
  • Bash – Ranged Troop and Siege Machine Attack +10%
  • Ranged Troop Ares – Ranged Troop Attack, HP, and Defense +10%
  • Battle of Crecy – Ranged Troop Attack +35%, Ranged Troop HP +15%
The Specialty of Edward III
The Specialty of Edward III

The Way to Get Edward III

Players will have a chance to receive the new Epic Histiroc General Edward III in the 5th tier of the Christmas Package.
And Edward III is also added to the Epic Historic General (Premium) which can be used to receive an Epic Historic General that is not available in the Tavern. So we may look forward to getting him by purchasing the final tier of the later event packages.

With the continued upgrade of Evony, we can also expect other methods to receive Edward III in the future.

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